07 March 2022

Packaging bags are a necessity in any industry. From the food industry, to agriculture, to the industrial sector, all can use paper SOM bags for the different products they offer. Despite the diversity of these bags, getting one that’s versatile and brand-oriented can be pretty challenging. This is where PaperPack, Inc. steps in to bridge the gap.

Some ‌benefits that come from outsourcing your paper SOM bags from PaperPack, Inc. include:

  • Sewn Open Mouth bags or SOM bags can pack different items from deer corn, rugs, and different types of floor covering products, to powders, and ground-up plastics.
  • You can also use the bags as multi-wall paper bags. The SOM bags are sewn at the bottom using a sewing line or hand sewer and are open at the other end of the bag.
  • These bags are made from Kraft paper, which gives them a natural brown interior.
  • The polyethylene layer sometimes added to the PaperPack bags gives them an added layer of protection against moisture. This feature makes it easy to store items like powders without ever worrying about moisture affecting your products.

What Makes PaperPack, Inc. Paper SOM Bags Different?

Promotional Products

PaperPack, Inc. wants to do more than provide a home for your product. It also wants to help you raise awareness about your organization, business, or event. Every successful business needs more than just word of mouth to reach out to its target customers.

And thanks to PaperPack’s promotional products, you can promote your business by increasing your visibility. More customers can get to know about your business with branded paper SOM bags.

Problem Solving

PaperPack understands just how vital paper SOM bags are to many industries. That’s why we make it our top priority to provide SOM bags that can offer your business the solution it’s looking for in terms of packaging. Whatever problems your event, organization, or business may face in packaging, our paper SOM bags offer you a unique way to solve them.

Environmentally Friendly

We also care about the environment, and that’s why we strive to ensure that the SOM bags we develop are entirely recyclable and biodegradable.


Our custom thumb-notch design helps make it easy to open the SOM bags without ever having to worry about spilling the items you want to pack.

PaperPack’s Got The Answer

With a tradition of meeting our client’s specific needs, we’re undoubtedly the best at what we do. So, if you are ever considering upgrading your paper SOM bags, why not try PaperPack, Inc. SOM bags and see the difference? You’re are going to love it.