On Demand Bubble and Bubble Mailer Shipping Options

12 April 2022

Would you pay for shipping air? Of course not! But perhaps you already are. If your business is still ordering rolls of bubble wrap, you’re paying for the delivery of air. There’s a better alternative: on demand bubble technology and bubble mailers let you produce packaging when you need it.

Benefits of On Demand Bubble

  • Simple technology that’s easy to maintain
  • No need to re-arrange your warehouse space
  • More cost-effective than rolls of bubble wrap

How does it work? All you need is a simple infusion machine and plastic that can be inflated when you need it, right at your existing packaging stations.

State-of-the-art infusion machinery uses little warehouse space and is easy to operate following basic training. The air output is controlled by an automatic hopper with photo-eye technology. Photoelectric sensors detect when the plastic pouch is fully inflated and stop the airflow.

Modern machines suffer minimal wear and tear, and the most common wear parts can be changed without special tools. Minimizing downtime means that your shipments arrive as soon as possible.

Bubble on demand is an excellent alternative to conventional bubble wrap. You avoid paying for the shipping of air in bubble wrap rolls.

Cost Savings of Bubble Mailers

  • Economical and cost-effective
  • Shipments are quicker to fulfill for your team
  • Recyclable
  • Promotional space

If your business is regularly shipping small items, consider whether you need to place them in cartons. Bubble mailers can be a safe, cost-effective alternative that was designed to protect the recipients’ privacy.

They make your team’s job easier, too, because of their self-sealing properties. Packaging and shipping take less time. But those are not the only advantages: bubble mailers match the strength of cartons. They are puncture-resistant and only have one-third of the weight of either boxes or macerated mailers.

As a business, you can operate more economically and offer your customers a better, more cost-effective service.

Are you still not convinced? The benefits of bubble mailers don’t end here: they are more environmentally friendly than other packaging methods. Bubble mailers can be recycled if they’re returned to the store.

Plus, the smooth surfaces of bubble mailers make for prime advertising spaces. When you are shipping your products to your customers, the outside of the mailers is ideal to introduce them to new products and services. They are printable in up to eight colors, giving you plenty of customization and branding options.

Simplify your shipping today with bubble on demand technology and bubble mailers. Find out more by contacting us today.